African Black Soap Body Wash


African Black Soap for All Skin Types (16 Oz) – Shea Butter Liquid Body & Face Wash with Avocado, Almond & Lemongrass Essential Oils – Acne Treatment & Eczema Soap

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Your Best Skin Starts With Desalu Naturals

Do you struggle with oily or sensitive skin? Eczema? 

Are chemical-infused cleansers giving you breakouts? 

We have the solution for you: An all-natural black soap with shea butter, infused with Avocado, Almond, and Lemongrass oil. Lather our black soap onto your skin and immediately feel the luxurious texture, as it deeply exfoliates and cleanses skin – without stripping it. With incredible antibacterial and skin-nourishment properties, our African black soap liquid will have you stepping out the shower to a silky-soft, glowing complexion. But you’ll get so much more than a revitalizing boost!

Are age spots a concern for you? Uneven skin tone? Because of its huge antioxidant power, our African black soap face wash protects against photoaging, improves skin texture, and battles acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

All-natural Ingredients To Heal Troubled Skin

Shea Butter: Chapped lips? Dry winter skin? Rich in Vitamins A and E, Shea butter protects, moisturizes, and regenerates your skin for a long-lasting beautiful glow.

Avocado: Packed with omega-3 and skin-healing vitamins, this anti-inflammatory hero intensely nourishes skin and can help treat eczema and psoriasis. 

Almond: These nutrient-rich nuts remove impurities, protect your skin from damage, and help you achieve a smooth, pimple-free complexion.

Lemongrass: Loaded with Vitamins A and C – Lemongrass is the go-to for minimizing pores and oil balance control. A delicious citrus scent will be infused into your skin.

For All Skin Types

Oily, dry, sensitive? Watch as the soothing African plants transform your skin into velvety-smooth. Are you ready to join Africa’s beauty phenomenon? Scroll up and click ‘Buy Now’.

PS: Want the perfect moisture boost? Try one of our shea butters after your shower!


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