All Natural Shea Butter With Hemp Seed Oil & Argan Oil

All Natural Shea Butter With Hemp Seed Oil & Argan Oil

All-natural shea butter infused with natural oils to keep your skin and hair hydrated and nourished.
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Meet the Key to Healthy, Youthful-looking Skin.

Do you think that all shea butters are the same?

If you’ve experienced unpleasant smells, greasy residue, and breakouts from toxic
chemicals; you already know the answer – No. So, what makes ours any different?
Desalu Naturals is nothing but unrefined, pure shea butter that retains 100% of its
miraculous healing ability and distinctive nutty aroma. And better than that? It loves all
skin types! But we haven’t stopped there…

Your dry, itchy, stressed-out skin is thirsty for deep nourishment and hydration. And yes,
it gets plenty of moisture and protection from the Vitamins A and E, naturally present in
our body shea butter. However, we’ve infused it with two of the most powerful anti-aging
and anti-inflammatory oils – Hemp Seed Oil and Argan Oil – to give your skin a
revitalising boost. You can learn more about these two healing wonders below.

Reveal Your Beautiful Supple Skin and Soft Luscious Hair.

Hemp Seed Oil: Do you suffer with rough, flaky skin? This skincare phenomenon
effectively calms acne, soothes inflammation, softens dry hair, and reduces wrinkles.
You could say it’s the key to smooth, supple, radiant skin and gorgeous, healthy locks.

Argan Oil: Loaded with nutrient-rich vitamins, this potent seed reduces scars, stretch
marks, wrinkles, and redness – perfect for inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis. As
it restores the skin elasticity, your skin is left hydrated. And your hair? Silky and glossy!

Kind To All Skin Types.
Are you looking for a gentle eczema shea butter? One that won’t irritate your skin or
lead to breakouts? Massage on our shea butter and instantly feel it melt into your skin
as it softens your hands, feet, face, and hair.

Rejuvenate your skin now!

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We are known for our shea butters infused with natural oils , and their overall health benefits. Some of these benefits include skin restoration and hydration, inflammation prevention, skin rejuvenation with potent vitamins and cancer-fighting antioxidants, amongst others. Most importantly; we are a socially conscious company. Our social responsibility focuses on giving back by providing everyday necessities to people and communities in Africa that face adversity and poverty.
Sam Desalu

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